April 2012 – Read This Stuff!

Hey all, it’s April! Spring is about to spring! I was out with the dog this early morning and we could hear the birds chriping (they’re on their way back). What a great sound. The air smelled fresh! The grass is starting to grow and we saw that the daffodils (narcissus pseudonarcissus) and tulips (tulipa) have started their ascent toward the sky.

What? This is supposed to be about books. Ok, the theme of spring is such an easy one to relate to reading. It’s a time for renewal. We have two books this month that we feel exemplify spring in their theme and content.

Pick up a copy and don’t hesitate to let us know what you got out of these. Even better suggest some for us to read. We are forever looking for something new to inspire us.

Here they are. Click on the book to find out more.

Tom Wujec and Sandra Muscat offer a visually stimulating rollercoaster ride through the thought process on creating ideas.

Seth Godin, once again, graces the halls of our minds. This time with The Dip. A short, intense ride through the world that you create for yourself; how you recognize your craft and push through to your success.

And remember, if you only take one thing away from a book then you have grown that little bit more and you are richer for it. Enjoy!



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