May 2012 – Read This Stuff

May! Just past the first quarter of the year and what a quarter it was. Spring is still doing it’s thing, the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the days are getting much warmer.

Reading everyday is something we do around here with vigor. There always seem to be many competing priorities in life and reading sometimes takes a back seat. For both our sakes, please don’t let it. Even simply enjoying some fiction helps to stretch your mind.

The first page had 5 books, the second, in April, had 2 books and this month it’s down to a single submission. Going forward, we have decided to focus each month on a single book. You may think we are slowing down but, on the contrary, we are just getting warmed up; just like the year.

Hey, how many books can you read and really absorb in a month anyway?

This month we are featuring Carol Dweck.

Click on the book to find out more.

Carol is a preeminent psycologist with a very human writing style. She takes us on a journey through real life experiences to demonstrate how there are two types of mindsets; that of a fixed mindset and that of a growth mindset. Discovering which you are will change your life.

Pick up a copy and don’t hesitate to let us know what you got out of this book. Even better suggest some for us to read. We are forever looking for something new to inspire us.



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