Where’s Raoul today?


Armed with a new bike, Le Danforth, yes, named for Toronto made by Avenir. I think I got a bit of a story from the sales dude at Cyclemotive. He told me the brand is Canadian and manufactured out of Montreal. That might be but I couldn’t find a website for the life of me. Good bike anyway and the guys at Cyclemotive were professional and courteous. Suffice it to say, I took a trip around town.

Where do you think Raoul ended up this time?

Inspired by the Tour de France, I finally got the bike out of the garage. Schwinn 3 Speed clunker that literally weighs a ton. The gears don’t work so pedalling uphill requires gams of steel and some serious resolve. That won’t happen again! Dukes, here I come. The good thing is that I did look up from my cycling torture ride to discover an interesting vista. It also offered a well needed rest.

Where did Raoul end up today?

It is impressive what you miss on your way to work. Everyday spaces and everyday occurances. What makes me wonder is if this historic structure is tarnished in any way by the graffiti that adorns its facade. Somehow fitting for the setting.

Where was Raoul today?

A playful place discovered on a typical Sunday afternoon wandering in the city with the dog. There are so many great opportunities in Toronto where the public realm plays a vital role in offering us a place for enjoyment even though sometimes hidden from plain sight.

Where is Raoul today?

Raoul is your typical urbanite; living and working in that multicultural, cosmopolitan city we know and love, Toronto. For those who live here we all know we live in one of the world’s greatest cities.

Can you tell me where Raoul is?



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