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I used to think you were smart

I used to think you were smart.

Magnum P.I. smart!

So, are you?

Do you live up to that old adage “work smarter and not harder.”

Can you do that? Magnum P.I. sure did. He was in Hawaii for f**k sakes. What else was he going to do?

I am going to stop right there because I cannot, unlike Magnum P.I., after all this time, in all my 47 years, EXPLAIN what that really means. If you can or you have a compelling (and frank) argument that explains it then please head on down to the comments and have at it!

I used to think I wasn’t smart enough to do that.

Work smart that is. Not comment. No, it doesn’t take much to comment. That’s easy.

Now, I don’t bother to try to figure out what “work smarter not harder” even is. Personally, I tend to try to work hard to learn. To learn when I work even if I am doing something I have done a thousand times. How? By never turning it off or tuning out. Why? If you tune out or turn off then where is the value in what you are doing?

Am I smart?

Well, who knows. Actually, who really cares? Nobody really gives a s**t anyway. The exception may be you thinking you’re smart and that’s fine but everyone else? Well I have news for you. Think again. Go here for a great example of what I am suggesting.

Personally, I don’t care what anyone thinks about my cognitive abilities. Why? Because I can do stuff just fine.

  • I can put a sentence together (I try).
  • I can form a thought.
  • I can figure out how to make things happen.
  • I can motivate people.
  • I can see the possibilities.

What makes me stand out? In my mind? Nothing and that’s ok. My personal success comes from having the ability and opportunity to try, test, try again and keep testing until I find the right solution for the problem. My idea of success is the ability to put myself in a place where I am NOT always the smartest person in the room. Now, does that make me smart? Not at all. It makes me happy and who doesn’t like to be happy.

I am in love too.

I am deeply in love with my wife. I am also in love with efficiency and with productivity. Todd Henry posted some ideas to build on efficiency and productivity (and fortunately wrote nothing about my wife) recently that I happen to think are fabulously practical tips. He called it clustering offered in three distinct blocks of time; groove time, grunt time and dream time. There will be no thunder stealing on this site. Check his post out here to get these ideas for your arsenal. Those two measures, efficiency and productivity, help me to value my work and I am always looking for ways to increase both in order to allow time for my other love; this blog.

This effort gives me purpose and thereby is my purpose.

My purpose is not your purpose. Each of us has it in our own way and it is just itching to get out. I see it in people every single day. I read it in people’s writing and hear it in the way people speak. It’s in there. It gets me excited. Why? Well, because I love to see other people light up when they talk about their purpose. Their passion. It’s beautiful thing. They glow. I just want to help them get there!

Ask yourself what your purpose is.

Go ahead and let it out. You may think that you might get judged. You won’t. You might think it’s stupid. The only stupid thing about stupid is the concept of the word itself. If it’s in there get it out of your head.

I want people to laugh nervously about it when they think about their purpose because then I know they are feeling something. It’s a good thing to be scared at times. It means you are alive, tuned in and awake.

It scares me.

It makes me sweat. I get hot flashes, I blush and I can feel that voice in my head starting to babble. You know the one. I have spoken about it before right over here. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. “What do I know?” you might think. “Am I smart enough?” that little voice natters?

Smart enough for what?

  • To help yourself learn?
  • To help yourself share your thoughts?
  • To help yourself to accept constructive criticism?
  • To act on your ideas?

 Damn straight! Why wouldn’t you? What else is there?

 Well, there always reruns of Magnum P.I.

So, what makes you sweat?


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