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Carbon Offsets For Foundations Easily Explained


Yeah, sorry about that. The title has NOTHING to do with the content. That’s the point today and if you would be so kind; please stay with me.

The culture of coffee is as rich as its color and aroma. Think about that aroma, its complexity, its notes and the nuance of bitter smoke. Think about the feeling you get when you smell it. It almost tells its own story. The journey the beans took from the rich lush hillside, through the roasting process, the grind and the coup de grace; the brew. Have you ever felt the beans? They have a slick oily feel. It’s a very, very sensual feeling especially as they run through your fingers. That rich colour. Its depth is intoxicating. Hold them up to your nose and breathe in their deep history. Coffee takes you away to exotic places with lush forests, exemplifies deep rich colour and reminds you of an authentic simple people whose history and allure holds great depth.

Coffee is evil.

Yes, I said it. I love coffee and coffee is evil. It’s THAT kind of relationship. Can you relate?

It starts out in the morning as a loving relationship. Coffee is the start to a day for most of us. Just the number of shops that serve the seemingly endless varietals is astounding. In Toronto you have everything from the commercialized and completely homogenized uber Canadian standard of Tim Horton’s right down to the ultra hipster joints like the Dark Horse. Access is unlimited and there are times when a specialty coffee shop like the tiny Zaza Espresso Bar in Yorkville just works so well. Their cavalier nature, the beauty of the offering and the impeccable style takes you out of your world for just a moment. The Italians just know how to make espresso. Damn.

And that’s why coffee is so very, very evil.

It can get a hold of us that is virtually epic. Yeah, yeah, let it go you say. There’s no way I can let it go. It’s just one of those things. It’s love and it’s hate. 

Coffee is like that FRIEND you just can’t let go.

You know the one. The charisma reels you in but you know they are not good for you. It’s the type of relationship that gets you into trouble and even though you know better you can’t help yourself. You always wade in even though you know it might end badly. Your cup is left empty, your mind buzzing, stress building in the back of your throat with the knowledge that the experience is done; nowhere to be found. Fortunately it always fades away; slowly but it fades. You hit your limit but you feel energized. You move on, for now.

Coffee is like that work you LOVE to do.

Coffee is passion and passion makes us do crazy things. The idea that the work we love to do drives us to a place that feels so good is not unlike the complex aromas of a freshly roasted coffee beans first thing in the morning. That aroma is full of anticipation, of things to come and of endless ability. As you taste those intense flavours and feel the heat coat your mind in a warm blanket you feel the opportunity of endless possibility even for just a moment. Then it snaps you back into reality, as it should and as you should. Dream away for a moment, it’s good for you. Live in reality. 

Coffee is like that CAREER that you are chasing.

Coffee is anticipation. It is the anticipation of that sharp, rich flavour as you wait for the brewing process to complete no matter where you are. The anticipation of that warm beautiful feeling and the sharp jolt you need to get you into gear. The anticipation of what you can achieve, the places you can go and the work that will get you there swirls around that cup emanating a cocoon of warmth protecting you ever so briefly from the realities of your life. That moment affords you the time to check in, plan and refocus yourself and to ensure you are aligned toward your goals whatever they may be.

Why did I write about coffee?

Before I answer that I have to apologize again for the title. It was meant as a hook and if it worked that’s good but if not I am glad you stuck around to get here.

I was reading a blog post by Danny Brown (click his name and you will get there) which really resonated with me. My interpretation of what he suggested is that we need to shake up our routine so that we don’t get bored, get boring, lose interest or just fall into the status quo and become completely uninteresting to ourselves, our friends and ultimately our clients.

Good advice.

Happy Interesting Consultants = Happy Engaged Clients

Good formula.

  •  What do you do to shake it up?
  • What do you like about coffee?
  • Why are you just staring at this question?



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3 thoughts on “Carbon Offsets For Foundations Easily Explained

  1. Shake up your routine…? Yeah, it is a good thing to do now and then. For instance, I had my daily latte earlier than usual this morning, totally messed up my routine which is good. When I was a Big Brother, to prepare for having a new Little Brother, one bit of advice I was given was to shake up your world and get an idea of being with kids was to change your routine. But importantly, thinking about things you don’t think about: what foot do you always start going down the stairs with? what sock goes on first? coffee before shower or vice versa? scotch before water? OK never the last one, but I did find the rest really turn your brain around in a refreshing way. Sometimes like coffee. Thanks Ralph.

    Posted by Paul | March 2, 2012, 08:32
  2. For me, the first cup of the day is a beautiful virgin, deflowered. The last cup, by comparison, is a filthy $20 whore.

    Posted by t | March 2, 2012, 19:56

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