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Why are Aquarians so well seated in the ASS Family?

Expletive Alert! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Why is the Aquarian an ASS you ask? Like you don’t know.

Aquarius, the epitome of a three letter four letter word. See what I mean about that here.


  1. A donkey
  2. That part of your anatomy between your lower back and upper legs (at the back).

Here are some of my favourite @ssisms. Which one exemplifies you best my fellow Aquarian?

Hold on. Stay with me. Just keep reading.

  • Jack @ss
  • @ss Hat
  • @ss Clown
  • Pompous @ss
  • Kiss @ss

Or just plain old @ss – you know what.

Now before you go off and get all pissed off with me let me remind you that I AM an Aquarian (like you didn’t get that from the above my fellow Aquarian comment). Yes, that’s right. It’s my month. Get ready for this!

Now, before I launch in.

These horoscope or horror-scope opinions started exactly 6 months ago by way of commenting on the monthly predictions from a listing of the local rags here in Toronto and evolved into to a bit of a story telling exercise as it relates to what I do – Project and Team Management – in my industry – Architecture and Design.

The opinions expressed about the monthly star sign are meant in an extremely tongue-in-cheek way and are not to be taken seriously. I’m just making sure here. Just like any true Aquarian we need to BEAT IT (thanks Michael) into your head because after all everyone except for us Aquarians is actually a drooling nincompoop.

Every once in a while we need to be able to poke fun at ourselves (and others) so that we remember not take ourselves so DARN seriously.

There’s my Project Management lesson, tip or offering right there. Remember to not take yourself so seriously. People will like you more if you follow that simple suggestion. DONE!

So, what makes Aquarians such @ss-whatever’s and why is an Aquarian such a good candidate to be a Project Manager?

Well, Aquarians have very strong personalities, are strong willed and have strong convictions. Strong. Yup, that will do it. You really need that to wade through the world of Project Management but it also makes you a f**king @ss at times doesn’t it? Seeking the truth over all else is your crutch. There is no ambiguity in your world and while a no bulls**t approach to life is a good thing the problem the Aquarian in you has is that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Oh sure, you are open to all sides of an argument but who are you kidding? You know whose going to make the decisions here and you know whose right, don’t you? You @ss – fill in the blank.

There is no way anyone else is right……unless you say so. Can you say dogmatic? Go ahead, say it, you know it’s true after all you are a no bullshit, truth seeking nutjob, aren’t you?

Your need to be a leader in every situation is a good thing (if you ARE a leader) but the other side of your personality; the ethereal, head in the clouds and ivory tower mentality gets you into trouble. Meditating on abstract ideas in the wonder of your own existence does not bear well on the realities of life. That would be akin to someone saying Get your head out of your @ss.

Have you ever heard that before? Lots of times I bet. Well, there you go. Now you know why, Mr. Aquarian.

By the way, do you have any friends there Aquarian?

Ah, who needs friends to be a good Project Manager right? Well, I suppose but if you have no friends your job isn’t going to be much fun, is it? You will be efficient, that’s for sure. Since you have a hard time making friends you can come off a little cold but when you do turn those acquaintances into friends they really feel the love. You are all in at that point. keep those blinders on, pal.

None of that is going to hurt your ability to do a good job especially in a leadership position but you really have to watch out not to alienate people. The fact that you refuse to follow the crowd and are fiercely independent might make some people wonder if you are really part of the team. Just remember to give in once in a while. I know it’s tough but your people will see that it’s not all about you – all the time. C’mon, try it. You might be seen as less of an @ss clown.

So, drama queen? How am I doing? Pretty bang on so far, huh?

The next time you find yourself holding onto that bone think about this. LET IT GO! Someone else is going to be able to make that decision. You know it. You just don’t want to believe it. I know it might not live up to your exacting standards but that’s ok because like you everyone else learns from their mistakes too. It’s a GOOD THING to let it go! Just like learning a new skill it gets easier and easier every day you practice until its instinct. That should feed right into your need to be perfect.

I promise.

Oh, right, promises don’t mean s**t to you. Too bad. Reliability and integrity are an uphill battle for you. Those boulders are pretty big and that hill is so very steep.

It’s a good thing you are an Aquarian. Strong.

Here are some famous (and strong) Aquarians:

Jennifer Aniston, Christian Bale (he’s super, man), Michael Bloomberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Peter Gabriel, Wayne Gretzky, Bill Bixby (need I say more?), Jimmy Hoffa, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Bob Marley, Rosa Parks (back of the bus, lady!), Jackson Pollock, Oprah Winfrey, Tricky and the list goes on.

Hey Austin! What do you have to say this month?

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