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How involved do you get? That is the question.

Hi all,

Over the last couple of years I’ve made a concerted effort to get more involved in my community.  And by community in this case I mean the design community. I was brought up with a Mother who always took Christmas cookies to our neighbours, who offered her support to the elderly in our community and generally just tried to be a good member of society by giving back in whatever small ways that she could.  I think it rubbed off! 

The Investment

Getting back to my original point I have become increasingly involved in the design community whether it is sitting on boards, volunteering on committees, or critiquing students work at a local university renowned for their Interior Design programme (now that I see this in black and white it’s making me tired).  It’s a lot of work and takes a great deal of time to invest in “extra-curricular activities”, especially when for most of us, just being able to relax after work hours would be a luxury.

The Return on Investment

Here’s where I state what is probably pretty obvious:  the more I get involved and surround myself with like-minded individuals and groups the more I have a greater sense of purpose in my industry, the more I am challenged to think differently, the more I want to protect the design industry and see it thrive and grow for future generations, and the more I take pride in my colleagues and myself for choosing such a great field of practice with so many creative options within it. 

Baby Steps

Here’s the challenge, see what little things you can do this week or this month to involve yourself more.  Whether that be going to a great lecture, visiting your local university or college or just going to a networking event where you might even enjoy some food and some cocktails.  See how you fair and maybe you’ll decide it’s worth the investment to get involved more. 

Good Luck and more importantly have some fun while you’re at it!



One thought on “How involved do you get? That is the question.

  1. Love this spirit. I have spent six (tiring) years on the board of my national writers’ group and am stepping down in July but still on the board of another group that offers grants to writers in need. If you’re passionate about your vocation, it’s natural to want to see it thrive. That only happens with volunteer effort…

    Posted by broadsideblog | April 13, 2012, 09:32

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