Thought Starters

Are you a Garfunkel?

Or are you a Simon?

Writing the song makes playing it so much better.

Whatever ever happened to Art Garfunkel? The last I heard was that Steven Page paid homage to him in a song (I could buy you some Art….or maybe a Garfunkel – kidding). He still performs, Art that is, who knew? His last show was in 2009 but that’s still something. He’s still out there riffing off what he did with Paul. He made a career out of it. Good for him.

Or are you a David?

Slay the giant because you are not afraid.

The biblical David is a story of a leader seen as a common man who dispels fear and rises to the occasion to take the place in his world that he clearly wanted and deserved. He wasn’t recognized for his ability nor did he demonstrate any resolve to take control of his life. What happened? He certainly was in the right place at the right time but as the classic Latin phrase translates; he seized the day.

Which one of these resonates with you?

There are a lot of different ways to find your groove but there really are only two ways to go. When there is a fork in the road or a crossroads there are rarely more than two options. You have two choices and you need to pick one. All things considered don’t let scale influence you choose the wrong path. With your choice comes growth and growth, as we all know, is not instantaneous. It wasn’t for David and it wasn’t for Paul either.

 Do the math.


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