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The Archer has you in his sights

There was this guy I once knew.

He was a dude, for sure. You know the type of guy that would be there for you no matter what? That is when he was around. He couldn’t ever be tied down. This guy would take off at a moment’s notice and you wouldn’t hear from him for weeks, maybe months at a time. Funny thing was that when he did show up the world revolved around whoever was there. What have you been doing? Where have you been? What are you listening to? I have this new album. I picked it up last week. Totally cool! Let’s give it a spin. And off he would go into a world of possibilities. Time flew by.

Always a smile and a laugh.

The world is this guy’s oyster, no matter what happens. I remember one time I was visiting him in Montreal and like usual I arrived and he was nowhere to be found. Working, I guess or so I was told. Busy days, busier nights. At some point in the day I finally hear from him and he tells me he was robbed on the way to the bank with the holdings from his sale that day. Holy shit, 16K gone in a flash! Oh well, what can I do now? Deal with it tomorrow, he figures, and off we go. I would think his optimism may get him in trouble. Optimistically blind leading the carelessly blind in this case. Who knows? I really have no idea how that situation turned out but I do remember that we had a good time on the town that night. Don’t even think it! He was also too honest to do anything but the right thing.

My friend, he’s a writer.

Poetry, mostly. This dude is smart and I mean Mensa smart. The stuff he rolls out makes you think. Like on another level. Most likely he was a sage in another life or so I would guess. His writing was always somewhat sexual in nature and didn’t always treat the subject with the most respect. It always seemed that he was writing to expunge some form of rebuke from his past. Maybe it was his way of connecting with sex intellectually beyond the partners he kept. The guy was a voracious lover but his women always knew where he stood with them; when he was around. Fast living was this guy’s thing and it was clear in his prose.

Where was this dude always going?

You could always rely on this guy to vanish. I would just feel it. He was always straight up about his intentions except when you travelled or went somewhere together. He was always a flight risk. It was weird and it took me a long time to get used to that. He would be gone in a blink. No one could ever figure that out. It’s a mystery even until today. As I write this I am wondering where my friend is now. No idea. We were supposed to meet to go to a movie a while back.

It’s been years.

What a quintessential Sagittarius. Not funny you bastard.

Do you know one?

Here’s a pile of famous ones. They will make you laugh, cry, think and wonder. They are all or were surely in a position to entertain you with their intensely fierce talent. They all seem a little nutty too.

John Stewart (enough said), Jimi Hendrix (blew our minds), Woody Allen (the definition of awkward and quirky – why do we love his movies so?), Sarah Silverman (fearsomely funny), Bruce Lee (crazy talent and laser focus), Tina Turner (the diva of all divas), Katherine Heigl (cute, funny, whatever), Christina Applegate (hilariously determined), Charles Shultz (oh, Charlie why can’t you ever just not try to kick that ball?), Britney Spears (nutcase), Ozzy Osbourne (nuttier case), Judd Apatow (crazy stupid funny), Tom Waits (weird beyond words but a good weird), John Malkovich ( even weirder and beyond words), Mos Def (cool dude in a loose mood) and Frank Zappa (very few ever understood this guy and I think he probably liked it that way).

 Hey Austin this one is fantastic. I think you nailed it.

Courtesy of Austin Kleone (


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4 thoughts on “The Archer has you in his sights

  1. This, my dear, was genius – what a fabu journey! thanks for sharing.

    Posted by Chicks With Ticks | December 14, 2011, 20:34
  2. Yep – this sums up a part of my life and actually my night tonight. Even funnier is my horoscope on Austin’s blog. I did the exact thing it said not to do. This is why there are smartphones…it would have alerted me read it before my evening began. Very timely entry Ralph, and thanks for the self-reflection.

    Posted by Karen | December 14, 2011, 23:05
    • Karen, it sounds somewhat ominous. Hopefully not too scary. You make me think about self-reflection. My time is coming (February) but this one, as funny as it may sound, is an accurate reflection on a past relationship. Not sad, but very true to form. Good luck.

      Posted by rdopping | December 15, 2011, 06:04

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