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One Amplifier that everyone knows

It goes to 11.

A line made famous by Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap. As much as we love the satire and the ridiculous nature of amping it up to 11 it is, in a way, liberating to know it can get that loud even if it is just metaphorical. Sometimes loud is just what we need. Loud makes us feel good, makes us feel powerful and gives us juice.

It would be amazing to carry that the feeling you get when you are listening to a song that you love, really loud, through the rest of your day, whatever you do. You know, that tingle, the goosebumps and that overbite (ok, full disclosure, I do that but it feels good). You sing along, at the top of your voice. Because it’s so loud no one can hear you anyway, so who cares? Love it. Right?

What is that feeling? Is it love? Is it passion? One thing that’s true is that you are, in that moment, happy. It may be impossible to replicate that instant in every part of your day but the thing that’s important here is being present, being in the moment. Being there. We all live through challenges in our daily lives but being present, in the moment, amps up the experience to 11. It allows your passion, love or whatever emotion to be intensified. It makes you feel alive and, trust me; the other people around you appreciate it. There are a lot of distractions in our world and if you can be present your experiences will be enriched, eleven fold. In that moment. 

Sometimes it just has to be loud.


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