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The Stop and What’s on the Table

Do you like food? Ridiculous question, huh? Where can you go and sample tasty morsels form over 30 local chefs in one place and support access to food for people in need? Not such a ridiculous question. The Stop. The Stop held their annual What’s On The Table event last night and I was graciously invited by a colleague and friend. Thank you, John, for exposing me to this fabulous event.

Top notch local Canadian chefs from all walks of life coming together in one venue to offer a taste of their culinary skills complimented by the wines of Niagara and local coffee shops and breweries. This is not to be missed in the coming years. What made the evening for me was the nature of the people that attend this event. As a newcomer, friendly strangers were more than willing to chat and offer their suggestions and insights on what their preferred tastes were along with hearty banter on the event and its organization. The support for this event is nothing short of passionate.

The Stop is truly working within a model of sustainability and community with a basic goal of maintaining human dignity through access to healthy food and elevating its members though active participation in the organization. The Stop is worth a visit to understand what they do for their community and hopefully I will see you at the What’s On The Table event next year.


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