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How do you define your success?

It’s the question that millions of sage gurus have advised us on over the ages but isn’t it really up to you to define? How do you define success? What the heck is success anyway?

Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

    • Ask a martial artist and he might say “to gain the knowledge of the ages”.
    • Ask an artist and she might say “to have the freedom to create without limitation”.
    • Ask an architect and she might say “to have the freedom to seek beauty in the built form”.
    • Ask a Wall Street guy and he might say “money”. Well, he probably will say money.

Regardless, the answers are all highly subjective and that’s the point.

Success is your personal achievements realized.

Do we spend so much time measuring ourselves that we forget to celebrate our personal achievements? Do we tend to choose commerce over passion and therefore rarely realize our achievements?

Have you realized your personal achievements?

Tell me one of your success stories.

 Here’s one from me to start you off; I recently participated in the Enbridge CNTower Climb for the United Way. For those of you who don’t know the CN Tower is the world’s 5th tallest freestanding structure at 1,815 feet (553m) and defines the cityscape of Toronto, Canada. The last time I did the climb was 10 years ago when I was much younger and much more fit. Back then I made the climb up the 1,776 steps over 144 flights in 15min38sec. This year my time was 18min36sec which is only about 3 minutes longer than 10 years ago. Yes, I measured but, you know what, I feel good that I am still fit, I raised some money for a good cause and I had some time outside of the office with my coworkers. We had a lot of fun and the money our team raised will go to kids and families in need.


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