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What is an Info Equation?

Info graphics are huge now.

What were the early inceptions of info graphics? Maps? Transit routes? Road signs? Cave paintings? The most famous of the early info graphic has to be the Da Vinci Vitruvian Man circa 1487.

What are they meant to do? Quickly display a ton of information, that’s what. In the fast paced world we now live in the info graphic is the perfect tool to get a point across quickly in a visually interesting way. Info graphics can cross language and cultural boundaries through their nature of using visual cues to demonstrate info. And, let’s not kid anyone here, who’s got the time to read a whole lot of text anymore?

With the advent of easy technology and publishing platforms the world is peppered with info graphics now. It seems to be the communication tool of choice when it comes to relaying statistics. Human creativity has hit new heights.

But, what we have not seen a lot of is Info Equations.


In Mathematics an equation is an expression on either side of an equal sign.

In Chemistry an equation is an expression of a reaction whereby the reactant produces a resultant product.

An Info Equation is a symbolic graphic resulting in a reaction.

Did I make that up?

Yes, I did. Let’s hope it starts a movement.

 What is your reaction to this one?


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