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How do you define Twitter?

I was recently listening to a Joseph Jaffe and Mitch Joel podcast from back in July (yes, I said July) where they discussed a variety of topics about Twitter among other digressions. I know its 3 months ago (today being October 1). Does that make me irrelevant? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

Anyway, these two marketing guys were talking about influence and relevance in the social channels and spent quite a bit of time discussing how brands and famous people use Twitter. Hey, I am not a marketing guy but I do find these guys interesting. They both offer entertaining insights and there is always something that you can apply to help you guide your own journey through cyberspace.

So, how did I get there?

Well……Seth Godin wrote an incredibly interesting post on influence which reminded me that I had not yet listened to the Joel & Jaffe podcast. I finally did.

Does it matter how many Twitter followers you have? I guess that depends on how you use Twitter. I have been on Twitter consistently for a while now and from my experience I can see several ways it is utilized. Let me ask……..

Is Twitter:

  • Entertainment?
  • A way for a business or person to advertise?
  • A research tool?
  • A way to see what’s new and relevant in your industry?
  • A way to keep in touch?
  • A way to spark a movement (good or bad)?
  • A way to vote?

Long gone is the original definition……“a short burst of inconsequential information” from Jack Dorsey.

I think it’s whatever you want it to be. You, yes you, can manipulate this platform to make it do what you want it to do. Naive? Maybe.

By virtue of what you want from it, you link to people and businesses that offer that type of information. If you want mindless drivel, you will get mindless drivel. If you want intelligent commentary and links to interesting (interesting to YOU) sites, blogs, information, etc you get that. You join the community out there that fits your mould. You follow people, sites, businesses that give you what you need. If there are tweets about stuff that you don’t like, it’s simple, unfollow! C’est tout, C’est ca.

And what about criticizing the authenticity of those with millions of followers? We know they can’t respond to everyone. Why do you follow them? They interest you for the reasons you have. That’s that. If you expect Lady Gaga with her 14 million followers to get back you then you may need to give you head a shake. If she does, then good for you. Does that make you more influential, maybe, but then again, who cares? You do and maybe someone else and that’s good too.

My Twitter world is growing……….

It’s fun. I like the people I follow. They offer stuff that is extremely interesting to me and they send me places on the web that, without them, I may never find or have the time to find. Twitter is primarily a research and entertainment tool to me. Of course, I also tweet my blog posts there (maybe this is how you got to this one). As time goes by I like Twitter more and more. It is becoming my social media tool of choice and if that makes me irrelevant, well so be it.

For me, Twitter is a self journey to discover the interesting stuff in the world.

What’s your reason?


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