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What does September’s sign say?

It’s September. Back to school, back to work and back to the business of the stars. This month we are celebrating the Virgo star sign. The symbol for Virgo seems to typically symbolize a sultry woman or at times an angelic female.

 Well, well, well……..sultry and angelic, huh? Ok, then.

What we know is that we are dealing with an individual who is analytical, observant, precise and reliable when it suits their purposes while at the same time appearing cold and inflexible in their approach.

Now that doesn’t sound very angelic at all, does it? Hey, don’t shoot the messenger Virgo. It’s astrology, a matter of opinion. Just go with it!

It’s not all devious though because Virgos can be excellent analytical thinkers and problem solvers but typically to suit their own agenda which is probably why most Virgos are fiercely independent. Virgos are known to never be satisfied with the status quo ever seeking to improve, grow and better their station in life. It is sais that Virgos continually have a metaphorical Tasmanian devil spinning around inside their calm, collected exterior.

Cool as a cucumber.

Hot as a pistol.

Sharp as a tack.

Busy as a bee.

Independent as a green party politician.


So, here’s a pile of famous Virgos. Do they fit? Betcha they do.

River Phoenix, Leonard Berstein, Elvis Costello, Michael Jackson, Rocky Marciano, Arnold Palmer, Tim Burton, Dave Chappelle, Steven King, Moby, Mickey Rourke and Oliver Stone.

Ok, on to this month’s pithy picks. Here we go…….

NOW magazine, always mysterious, makes us think with:

 “Everything is unique,” said the 19th-century authors known as the Goncourt brothers, who wrote all their books together. “Nothing happens more than once in a lifetime. The physical pleasure that a certain woman gave you at a certain moment, the exquisite dish that you ate on a certain day – you will never meet either again. Nothing is repeated, and everything is unparalleled.” Of course this is always true. But I suspect you will be more intensely aware of it in the coming days than you have in a long time. In part that’s because the sensations and experiences headed your way will be so piquantly unique, so exquisitely fresh. And in part it’s because you’ll be wide-awake to the novel pleasures that are possible when you appreciate the fact that everything changes all the time.

The Grid, has this unique offering:

 You’ve either got a couple of very cranky kids on your hands or you’re in the middle of filming the next season of Toddlers and Tiaras. Either way, Virgo, let’s hope your patience runs deep.

 The National Post has this witticism to offer (really?):

 New love might occur for some of you – something exciting, unexpected and unusual. If this happens, be careful because it could be a fleeting connection. You’ll enjoy breaking rules and boundaries because you feel the need to be independent. You want to be free to do your own thing!

The Globe & Mail has this brilliantly dull offering:

If a colleague makes a mistake and causes you problems don’t make a song and dance about it. It’s just one of those things that happen now and again. Stay calm and look for the quickest and most practical solution.

The Star offers this blatantly obvious insight:

 Go for a day trip. You need a change of scenery. The same end result could be achieved by going to a good movie or escaping to an environment where you feel no connection to the here and now.

 The onion somehow always gets it right with:

 You’re not the kind of person who lets your physical handicaps stop you, but that’s because you prey on people with even fewer limbs than yourself, you sick bastard.

  Arianna let this get published (c’mon people):

 You may be put off by someone’s selfish behaviour today and you could even be offended by other people’s lack of compassion. Unfortunately, you won’t likely be able to understand their actions because logic is not the motivating factor now. Unexplainable changes are to be expected if tension is stressing a relationship. Don’t overanalyze things; just respond with kindness and honesty. The storm will pass quickly if you remain flexible in your thinking.

 The always comedic Adam Sandler gives us the gears by offering:

 You are the logical type and hate disorder. Your nit-picking attitude is sickening to your friends and co-workers. You are cold and unemotional and often fall asleep while having sex. Virgos make good bus drivers and pimps.

We cannot forget our friends at You Tube. Boy, oh boy, these guys are cheeky.

Once again, the best way to sum all this opinion is to look to our friend Austin Kleone. Austin’s take, as always, is fresh and to the point.


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