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What is a Cottage Lobotomy?

We just returned from our seasonal summer sojourn (two weeks ago – boy, how time flies). At least once a year a couple of weeks at the cottage is just what the doctor ordered for over-stimulated urbanites. Each year we remind ourselves about a 2007 article written by Leah McLaren for the Globe and Mail entitled “The Cottage Lobotomy”. Leah wrote a tongue-in-cheek brain tickler about how our finely tuned minds turn to mush after a few weeks of “rest and relaxation”. We have been laughing about that article for years and this year we decided to make a trilogy of stop motion animation shorts to honour the concept of the Cottage Lobotomy.

Here’s an excerpt where Leah provides us with a timeline of our eventual mental degradation:

Week One: You arrive at the cottage in a foul mood, having fought traffic for hours. You rush around rearranging things, shopping, cooking, cleaning, painting chairs and taking frequent trips into town to check your e-mail at the Internet café.

Week Two: You ease into the rhythm of the place. Beer at lunch seems sensible. You forgo sunblock and sarong, but only (you assure yourself) in the hope of absorbing more vitamin D.

Week Three: A state of balance, harmony and inner calm descends upon your being that makes you wonder whether Christopher Hitchens is wrong. You put down God is Not Great and take up Tina Brown’s The Diana Chronicles.

Week Four: A piece of cheese appears where your frontal lobe used to be.

You can read Leah’s full article by clicking here.

        You can watch the animation shorts above by clicking here.

By the way, what lobotomizes you?


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