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Heeling at the Cottage

I was headed up hill number four and all I could hear apart from my deep breathing was an orchestra filled with crickets, birds and some chipmunks rustling in the shrubs.  The trees were crackling their leaves together and faint whooshing sounds of wind along with what can only be described as the God of Wind exhaling deeply from somewhere up in the sky.  My pace was constant and the only voice in close proximity was my own saying quietly but firmly, “heel”.  I was attempting to school our dog, yet again, who for some reason forgot that I was in fact the pack leader. 

Something occurred to me as I was on my walking meditation  (yes, part of my manic multi-tasking was still alive and well) I was chanting heel when I realized I was in fact saying “heal” to myself.  It was a very real feeling of healing; from the smog of the city, the stress of work and just allowing myself time alone to breath, to let go and to enjoy nature and its stillness.  I need to bring the memory of that feeling back home with me and visualize it over and over again. 

I have a funny feeling we all need to do that.



One thought on “Heeling at the Cottage

  1. Wow. So true….too often we come back from an experience like that and before long we have left it behind us and the stress of life takes over again. I can actually imagine being on that walk with you, I wish I was there!

    Posted by Franca | September 14, 2011, 22:07

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