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What’s your sign?

After reading my horoscope today I thought an interesting experiment might be to take a look at a variety of them from different sources, compare notes and then offer a consolidated viewpoint for the star sign of the month. Believe me, I am no astrologer. My nature is to typically side with science, however, my strong affinity to the arts cannot stop me from at least considering the value in these types of predictions. What is interesting is that more often than not, star sign personality traits appear to be accurate. Yes, yes, in western astrology there are sun signs, moon signs and ascendants to consider as well as the four elements but most of us that read horoscopes and get the sun sign evaluation as a standard which seems to suffice. At least for me it does.

With this approach in mind I started surfing various news organizations and websites and I came across an article from earlier this year about how the date ranges of the astrological signs, due to a slight shift in the earth’s axis, suggesting that some people’s star signs may have changed. Apparently the uproar was big enough to make ABC News among others. Go figure. Imagine, all this time you thought you were a Leo; creative, enthusiastic, faithful and loving all the while you were actually a Virgo; modest, shy, meticulous and reliable. Man, would that screw up your life! This whole time you were that outgoing creative type and you didn’t feel right about it except for those times when you sat by yourself reading a computer manual. Huh?

This month we are celebrating Leo, the lion, which has a date range of July 23 to August 22 dependant on whom you listen to or which astrologer you read. There are a lot of famous Leo’s out there; Leonardo Da Vinci, Leonardo Dicaprio and Leonard Cohen among them. Hey wait a sec, these guys don’t have Leo as their star signs. They’re just Leo’s!

Now, here’s a list of famous people with the Leo star sign:

Andy Warhol, Antonio Banderas, Barack Obama, Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Charlize Theron, David Duchovny, Fidel Castro, J K Rowling, Jennifer Lopez, Kobe Bryant, Madonna, Robert De Nero, Sean Penn and the list goes on.

What’s interesting is that they are all actors, entertainers or politicians (politicians or actors, well, pretty much the same thing) and when we compare notes from the general traits of a Leo namely; dominant, spontaneous, creative,  extroverted,  strong willed, confident and positive – clearly all of the above are Leo’s.

So, here we go…….

My personal favourite is from a local monthly (free, of course) called NOW magazine.

Science writer K.C. Cole asks this question: “How would you hold 100 tons of water in thin air with no visible means of support?” Here’s her answer: “Build a cloud.” What you have before you right now, Leo, is a comparable scenario. Your assignment is to materialize a phenomenon that from a certain viewpoint may appear to be laughably impossible. And yet, with the proper attitude on your part and nature’s help, the project at hand is eminently achievable. It won’t necessarily be fast and easy, mind you – but you wouldn’t want it to be, because then it wouldn’t be able to teach you all the precious wisdom it has to impart.

The Grid, another local on-line and print urban general interest paper takes this approach:

The promise of money will make your day, Leo—and your creditors will be pretty happy too. A just-in-time pay raise of sorts relieves a lot of pressure and will give you the freedom you need to find something else to stress about. Hurray!

Guess what, The New York Times does not offer Horoscopes. Huh? Too highbrow, I suppose.

The National Post, one of Canada’s national newspapers has this to offer:

In the next six weeks, your focus is on money and cash flow. Some of you are looking for ways to boost your income. Some are considering a new job. All are contemplating purchases of lovely items that are beautiful, artistic or luxurious. Your money-earning vibes look good!

The Globe & Mail, another one of Canada’s national papers (mostly read in Toronto though) says:

Do something random and irregular today, something that reminds friends and work colleagues alike that they should never take you for granted. The sun may be leaving your sign but you’ll still be leaving your mark. 

 The Star, a working man’s page turner weighs in with the following brilliance (somehow fitting):

Zero in on what is important. Don’t over-intellectualize. You naturally say the right words to whomever you speak to. A meeting could point to a new friendship. Worry less about what is happening. Tonight: Hang out with friends.

You Tube has their unique take. Well, it’s not theirs really. There must be a disclaimer there somewhere.

Now, on to the Huffington Post. Well, we all know what Arianna (she just missed the cut) will allow:

One of the ways you can acknowledge the Sun passing out of your sign and into service-centered Virgo is to let go of any self-centered feelings. Naturally, it’s important to have enough confidence to successfully begin a new project. But too much focus on yourself isn’t the healthiest thing right now. Disperse some of the imbalance by shifting your attention to your friends and associates. Ultimately, it’s more efficient and fun to work as equals, even if you are technically running the show.

The Onion is one of my other favorites purely because of its overtly sarcastic nature. They say:

Mars rising in your sign usually indicates increased conflict in life, but in this case it means the orbital plane of Earth has shifted and we are all about to die.

We cannot leave out Adam Sandler. Despite his boyish charm his comedic style cuts to the bone with:

You consider yourself a born leader. Others think you are an idiot. Most Leos are bullies. You are vain and cannot tolerate criticism. Your arrogance is disgusting. Leo people are thieving motherflockers and enjoy masturbation more than sex. 

At the beginning of this exercise I did say that we would provide a consolidated viewpoint considering the above offerings. Instead of waxing poetic and actually trying to come up with something witty I found a guy who sums up the entire Leo world in a unique and interesting way. 

Meet Austin Kleone. Austin’s take is fresh and to the point.

Have a fantastic month everyone. By the way, what’s your sign?


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  1. I am always in tune with astrology because i am a believer in astrology. Most of the stuffs in astrology are accurate too. ”`.:

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    Posted by Filomena Larabel | October 10, 2012, 12:51

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