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Starting something new?

Have you ever wanted to start something new and stopped yourself just short of taking that crucial step? Were you left wondering what the tools are that you need to make the change happen? My wife recently took the opportunity to start something new by make a significant change in her career. Her choice to make this change did not come easily. It took some serious soul searching, a lot of conversation and many months of negotiation before she was able to take the final leap. Those were the tools she chose.

It’s funny how things seem to align. I happened to be reading Practically Radical at the time. William Taylor, founder of Fast Company, was writing about a variety of topics to motivate and inspire businesses to take the steps to challenge themselves in new ways; from entrepreneurship, to shaking up the way you do things in your current business environment. One of the chapters resonated with me deeply because of the  career change my wife was considering.

Whether your business is to improve what already exists or you are charged to step outside of your comfort zone to attempt something that you have never tried before, we are all challenged with what the future might hold. I am sure we have all asked ourselves the question ”what will my future hold?” many times and have taken comfort in the route our careers and lives have lead us.

How do you approach the unknown? Do you think you can predict the future and thus control it? It is possible through extensive analysis, benchmarking and exhaustive market research to gain the knowledge of what the future looks like in order to predict  events that may drive your approach to business.  An alternative approach is to predict the future without the  need to control it. If you can replace the need for exhaustive research and instead focus on preset goals which respond organically to change, the future does need to be controlled. It is simply invented. What better way is there to predict the future than by inventing it? If we allow ourselves to respond quickly to setbacks and surprises we can shape outcomes without being paralysed by extensive analysis.

As my wife navigated through her need to make a shift in her career it was interesting to watch the parallels between what I was reading in Practically Radical being played out in real terms around me. She realized that her focus on being the best at her skills required her to seek out another opportunity in her field. She is not starting something new per se, but shifting her position to build on the skills that she finds critical to her career path. Focussing on being the best at something and not just simply good at many things helped her to see the opportunity and to drive the change she needed.

Through conversation about her career choices it is clear that she cares deeply about what she does. She will certainly take that caring for her success and the success of her colleagues, co-workers and business with her as she continues to drive toward the position of excellence in her field that she so deserves. Her long term successes are being realized through her focussed approach to her career along with celebrating her colleagues and clients successes through her passion for excellence. Her new career choice will benefit immensely from that gift.

With that caring comes the emotional connection to her clients and to her business. It is clear that the connection she has developed with her clients and industry colleagues will continue to grow regardless of the position she seeks. It is apparent that if our clients and industry colleagues can live without us they will. If we show them we care, we are emotionally connected to them and we treat them with respect and dignity, change and progress becomes second nature. My wife has shown me that this is possible and I surely will continue to see her flourish.

Her choice to adapt to her business environment by making a choice to change her position shows real courage and resolve. Clearly she has chosen to invent her future by recognizing the shifting landscape of her business opportunities and the need to respond to her deep desire for personal and professional growth.

Thank you to William Taylor for writing it down and thank you to my wife for showing me it is real.

Where will your future take you?


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3 thoughts on “Starting something new?

  1. Wow thats really interesting I myself have got to say I am from the soft focused camp. I have a hobby that keeps me focused and strong in a sense of feeling I can take on most problems with a controlled attitude. Also helps me I think with my design work. If i have a task to do I can set out my stall as it were and dedicate my time to that task. This i think really stems from my martial arts background at a young age I have learnt to control how I should react in a given situation. But being passionate about what I do both in work and my training. Big believer in the word training you are always learning no mater how good you think you are. One example of this is today I have just done a kick boxing demonstration for a local charity. Not a great deal of people turned up but it gives you a chance to go out there and show people what you can do and the response we got was really good. May even have some more students so a good day in all and raised some money for a local charity.

    As for my design work I am working on some new student planners for a local college which will hopefully be rolled out to other institutes giving them the ability to have there own bespoke planners. Also developing a business that will be design and maintain websites that can be bought for £6.50 per week over 2 years. This is still at the development stage but we have all the things in place to go live very soon.

    Keep in touch would be good to catch up….
    Redbrock Designs

    Posted by redbrockdesign | August 20, 2011, 13:05


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