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How do you conquor Resistance?

 I have been reading a book by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art, in it he examines a concept called Resistance. Resistance is something that manifests itself as unique to each individual as a fingerprint, while displaying a commonality that is visibly consistent. In essence, Mr. Pressfield suggests that we resist our true passion for what we love; be it art, music, writing, architecture, design, etc because of fear. Fear, which manifests itself in many forms, like procrastination, breeds resistance in us to take on challenges larger than we think we are capable of.

 Being a former Star Trek geek the first analogy that came to my mind was the Borg’s mantra “resistance is futile”. Hilarious! In the Borg’s case there is no need to resist; you will not succeed being an individual with your own thoughts, you must succumb to the “collective” and be integrated as one mind. Does art imitate life? Does Resistance hinder our ability to express that individualism or is the Borg onto something?

 That brings to mind people that inspire me. Jack White for his ability to create music that is truly unique. Jackson Pollack for going against everything that is considered bourgeois. Salman Rushdie for combining words that bring vivid poetic beauty to a page. Christopher Hitchens…..well simply for being brilliant and a total rebel. Have these individuals, past and present, conquered Resistance?

 If we are able to conquer Resistance will that allow us to seek our individual blue ocean?

 Hope you enjoy the book!


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