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When’s the last time you thought about the Wheat Sheaf Tavern?

Established in 1849 the Wheat Sheaf Tavern has been one of the cornerstones of the King West Village for over 150 years and is known as one of Toronto’s oldest taverns. The Wheat Sheaf Tavern was hidden by a blanket of scaffolding this past winter and has emerged as a diamond in the rough of the King West Village. The former shabbiness of its facade has been updated with a fresh new face. The restoration of the building stayed true to its historic roots. It remains real, honest about what it was and is. It does not try to hide its imperfections. It does not try to be something that it’s not. Intuitive to its nature, the street, its history.
The honesty of the building got me thinking about the reason behind the building’s restoration and it being revealed in the spring. Spring is traditionally known as a time of renewal and also the commencement of the ever popular patio season, to boot. With that thought a question comes to mind “What do we do to refurbish and renew ourselves?” Do we take the time to look into our lives – work or otherwise – to assess what we need to renovate? Is it an old hobby in need of polishing? Is it a personal project that has been left undone, neglected? Whatever the case, the simplistic beauty of the Wheat Sheaf Tavern’s fresh facelift has inspired me to look at my own life to see where I can refresh myself; what I can do better, to be a better person, to be honest, true to my roots.
Go have a pint on the patio, you deserve it.


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