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Are you an Influencer?

 This past week I came across a mini-documentary about Influencers. You know, those people who are considered leaders in their communities and avenues of business, art, media, music, etc, etc. It got me thinking about the alignment between who we are as designers, who our customers are and the alignment between us. Why do we choose who we work with or do we even choose? Are our costomers influential in their business practices and are we influential in ours or are we all simply competing with blinders on?

 When we look at a business that is considered successful what is it about that business brand that gives it appeal, why are people drawn to it? Is is familiarity? Does the magic happen through consistency? That leaves me wondering what defines success and what influences us to choose the path to follow in our business and who we work with. Do we work with clients who consistently embrace the culture around them, empower the community and are they passionate about their message? Is that where the magic happens? One concept identified in the Influencers suggests a truely influential brand’s foundation is rooted in family and the basic values of integrity, honesty and transparency. There is sharing, love for thier community and hard work. It is in those moments, when no one is looking, that the real magic happens.

 That leaves me wondering about the use of social media and the sheer number of businesses out there plying thier trade. It leads me back to what we offer in our messages. Are we simply trying to sell ourselves to beat the next guy or are we sharing the true value of why we chose the arts. Are we sharing our passion?

 I hope you enjoy this beautiful film. Let me know if it sparks the passion in you?


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One thought on “Are you an Influencer?

  1. This is a powerful topic, and the video has a good message though it is a bit 2D in my eyes. I hear them talking about the superficial aspects of an icon, though to me, influencers are so much more powerful than that. Passion is the single biggest driving force behind branding, though the outer trappings plays a strong addition because we are creatures that value the sensory immersion. Frankly, I would rather associate with one truly passionate person with a vision, over 100 market leaders who follow the latest trend.

    There was one guy who said, “What are you made of when you’re by yourself”, which to me is a great statement of a starting point in order to create a powerful platform for you to build on. I think that this is what influencers do, because they are comfortable with who they are and choose to share it with others. For me, those who are unique, thoughtful, and visionary are much more the influencers of tomorrow. Success is a temporary state to chase, because everything around you changes every minute.

    Posted by Carolyn | August 23, 2011, 19:59

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